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You've no doubt clicked here because something's gone wrong. Don’t be too alarmed right off the bat! Our easy guide will help you check a few things before you call us. Following these steps may be able to fix your problem, or at the very least, help us do our job faster.


Does your equipment have a self-diagnostic feature? If you see any lights on the front of the equipment, or through a hole, it does. If there’s a problem, it will likely blink in a pattern, or you’ll see some a group of numbers and letters. As an example, it could be four flashes in a row, or 1 slow flash, then 4 long flashes, or it could say something like “E, 32”. Write down whatever information it’s telling you. With that done, please scroll down to the next step.

Diagnostic Lights

Take note of any patterns, letters or numbers that these lights show

Check this out first!

- Furnace switch is on

- Breaker panel hasn’t tripped

- Thermostat batteries are good

- Filter is clean (arrow points at furnace)

Now please select your problem more specifically
Heat and Hot Water
Air conditioning
Heat and Hot Water

- Check that all vents are clear of snow and debris

- Gas is on at the meter (picture shows valve open/on)

- Check that unit is  plugged in (Some hot water systems)

Air conditioning

- Check that humidistat has been turned to "off"

- Check that humidifier bypass is in summer (closed) position

- Check that AC cover has been removed as shown


- Check that humidifier pad isn't rusted or worn

- Check that bypass damper is open (winter)

- Check that humidistat has been turned to 35-40%

- Check water valve is open

- Occasionally, humidifiers need to be plugged in

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