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Air Conditioner Maintenance

Why Bother?


Maintenance of your hvac equipment is the equivalent of an oil change for your car. It might not be a fun expense in the short-term, but if it’s neglected, the long-term cost can really hurt! The equipment in our homes may seem like it's running well, but without a qualified set of eyes, we may be losing efficiency, causing damage to our equipment, and possibly even hurting ourselves. Bowler Heating and Air Conditioning is that set of eyes.

What's Included?

-    Capacitor check
-    Condenser amperage check
-    Refrigerant pressures
-    Superheat check
-    Subcooling check
-    Temperature differential check
-    Thermostat operation check
-    Temperature switch check
-    Condenser coil cleaning
-    Evaporator coil check
-    Condensate line cleaning
-    Filter check

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