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Furnace Maintenance

Why Bother?


Maintenance of your hvac equipment is the equivalent of an oil change for your car. It might not be a fun expense in the short-term, but if it’s neglected, the long-term cost can really hurt! The equipment in our homes may seem like it's running well, but without a qualified set of eyes, we may be losing efficiency, causing damage to our equipment, and possibly even hurting ourselves. Bowler Heating and Air Conditioning is that set of eyes.

What's Included?

-     A complete check of all safety switches on unit
-     A brush and vacuum cleaning of all fan components and compartments including each individual fan blade
-     Exterior cleaning of secondary heat exchanger
-     Cleaning of burners
-     Check and cleaning of flame sensor
-     Gas pressure safety and efficiency adjustment
-     Visual check on heat exchanger
-     Exhaust infiltration check by analysis
-     Capacitor efficiency check
-     Thermostat operation check
-     Visual check of exhaust and intake venting
-     Condensate trap cleaning
-     Combustion analysis on entire system
-     Temperature rise measurement


Bowler Heating and Air conditioning takes its maintenance very seriously! We offer a very unique service that can be added on to any furnace maintenance.  Inside your furnace you have a big fan that pushes all the air throughout the house. Have you ever taken a fan in your home apart to clean it? They’re usually pretty filthy. Luckily our furnaces have a filter that helps to protect those components, but it doesn’t stop everything.

True Clean

Every furnace maintenance we do includes the cleaning of each fan blade and the fan itself with a dry brush and cloth. This is the method most good technicians would use. However, some areas of the fan can’t be reached with this method. For the especially dirty fans we have our special “True Clean” maintenance service. We pull the motor right out (to avoid damaging it) and take the rest of the fan and it’s components apart to clean it with a mild soap and water. This very literally leaves your fan cleaner than new. Does it sound expensive? It isn’t. A True Clean service can be added onto any regular furnace maintenance for only $55.00 plus tax.

Who can benefit the most from this treatment? Asthma and allergy sufferers like myself for obvious reasons. New homeowners should especially consider this service. Drywall dust from construction gets everywhere and furnace blowers are no exception. The dust has a real tendency to get caked on like concrete and it doesn’t all come off with a standard brush cleaning. Duct cleaning is usually performed after construction but this cleaning does NOT include the cleaning of your furnace's fan. Not only is it unsanitary, but having buildup on your fan-blades can weigh it down, causing more strain on the motors bearings. It can even get to the point where it affects airflow. If you've never tried this service before, we highly recommend doing it!

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